Welcome to La Maison des Cèdres, a haven where the art of living meets comfort.

1,930 meters above sea level La Maison des Cèdres is waiting for you with its exquisitely furnished 18 suites.

Slide down the snowy slopes, have a drink at the bar, a cup of tea in the orange lounge, read in the library under the cedar tree branches… all the options are tempting, but above all, you can switch from one place to another and live the full experience not to mention a gourmet stop at the restaurant. Surrounded by mountains that glow in the setting sun, La Maison des Cèdres is worth the trip in all seasons. A spiritual journey that begins at the foot of the giant cedars and continues to Bsharri, the city of Prophet Gebran Khalil Gebran, ending in Bekaakafra. In this village where time stands still, we gather in the tiny chapel that used to be the home of Charbel, the beloved Saint of Lebanon.

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