Discover the incredible site of Lebanon’s cedars by skiing in winter, or explore the holy valley by trekking in summer. Stroll among the tri-millennia trees during all seasons, the great asset of this unusual village, crowned by Lebanon’s summit, Cornet El Saouda which cumulates at 3500 m.

Many activities are available at La Maison des Cèdres.

Everything is different here: the purer air, the religious silence, and the grandiose landscape. Surrounded by mountains that blush at sunset, the cedar village overlooks Becharri, the city of Prophet author Gebran Khalil Gebran. There you can visit his museum which houses his paintings. Right next door, you will find the authentic village of Bekaakafra where Charbel, the Saint of Lebanon, was born and raised. Reconnecting with yourself in the tiny chapel, formerly his home, to pray in the miraculous cave where he conversed with the divine, is an unforgettable moment. A little further down, is Wadi Qannoubine, the holy valley, a UNESCO world heritage site with natural and historical treasures. The tri-millennium forest, as sung about by Alphonse de Lamartine and admired by the Orientalists, is among the most enchanting places on the planet.

Planting cedars on behalf of your children and bringing back seeds from giant trees or small plants are part of the getaway in this Cedar House, where life is only good.

An amazing light awaits you, and with all seasons, a warm welcome.

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