La Maison des Cèdres is a charming hotel situated in the exceptional village of the Cedars, home to the tri-millennium forest, Lebanon’s emblem.

A building that dates back to the 70s in the historic Lebanese region of the Cedars, this hotel’s facade faded slowly over the years, and so a renovation ensued. Now, we welcome it freshly revamped, adorned with an intimate decoration where textures and colours dare to juxtapose in harmony.

As soon as you walk in, giant posters of Lebanon’s millennial Cedars invite you with their snow-covered branches that decorate the walls. Everywhere else, they are framed and adorn the walls, showing the beauty of the forest of the Cedars of God, one of the most enchanting places on the planet.

Neighbour of the legendary forest, La Maison des Cèdres is located 1820 meters above sea level in northern Lebanon, a region where everything is different, purer air, religious silence and amazing landscapes. Inspired by the surrounding nature, all the wooden interior structures have been repainted in a blue-green colour marrying the sky and the greenery of the trees. What used to be the Auberge des Cèdres has been renovated and redecorated by Désirée Sadek, inspired by the cedar and the surrounding nature. The textures, custom furniture, tinting walls… deliberate choices to offer the beautiful region of Bsharri a house that it resembles. Note that you can order the beautiful cedar pictures signed by Guillaume de Laubier as well as the solid wood tables designed by Jessica Ayoub.

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